While her husband Mukesh Ambani, who is Asia’s richest man, wears an $8,500 Rolex watch,

Nita carries a Hermes Birkin bag so rare that it costs more than a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan

Nita Ambani, the first lady of the Reliance Empire, can be dubbed the uncrowned queen of India;

one who lives in a $2 billion avant-garde palace, Antilla, that stands 63 stories tall, zooms sound town in a fleet of Rolls Royce and travels in private jets.

From wearing couture from Oscar de la Renta to sporting a Patek Phillipe casually, she paints a perfect picture of poise and wealth.

The wife of Asia’s richest billionaire Mukesh Ambani, worth $83.4 billion,

turns heads every time she steps out, whether it is for a Mumbai Indians match (she is the owner of the IPL team) or a shopping spree in lively London.

Unlike her husband who wears a subtle $8,500 Rolex watch, the Reliance matriarch casually sashayed in a $400,000 rare Neige Faubourg Birkin 20 White Matte Alligator handbag.

Yes, that is a lot of money, but as far as Nita is concerned, things she likes are rare and rarely inexpensive.