India vs Pakistan: A Dominant Football Rivalry

India and Pakistan, two neighboring nations with a historic rivalry in many sports, have also met each other on the football field on multiple occasions.

Throughout their encounters, the Indian football team has established dominance, winning 16 out of the 29 matches played between the two teams, while losing only four.

This longstanding rivalry between India and Pakistan expands across various sports, including cricket and field hockey.

However, when it comes to football, their confrontations have been relatively limited in number.

Nonetheless, the matches that have taken place have been intense battles.

Out of these 29 matches, nine of them have occurred in the SAFF Championship, a regional football tournament for South Asian teams.

The first encounter between India and Pakistan in the SAFF Championship took place in 1993 and ended in a 1-1 draw.

The match saw goals from Muhammad Nauman Khan representing Pakistan and IM Vijayan playing for India.

This draw remains the only instance where the two teams have settled for a tie in the SAFF Championship.