FirstFT: Vladimir Putin accuses Wagner leaders of betraying Russia

We continue to follow the fallout from Yevgeny Prigozhin’s weekend insurrection in Russia.

President Vladimir Putin yesterday condemned the organisers, saying they had betrayed their country and the fighters in their command.

In his first public comments since the armed uprising, an angry Putin told

Wagner paramilitaries to sign contracts with Russia’s defence ministry, go home or leave the country for Belarus.

Putin, seen by many analysts to have been weakened by Wagner’s revolt,

tried to appeal to rank-and-file fighters, saying most of them were “patriots of Russia” who had been “used” by their leaders.

Meanwhile, Prigozhin, Wagner’s leader, has vehemently denied trying to overthrow the Russian government.

In a voice recording posted on Telegram yesterday, the warlord continued to criticise the country’s defence