Adipurush review: Saif Ali Khan and Prabhas fight it out with their CGI armies, film offers a visual spectacle

Adipurush review: With its passable VFX and unironically funny dialogues, Om Raut's Ramayana adaptation doesn't really check all the boxes.

Take a bit of Avengers and Lord of The Rings, add a pinch of Game of Thrones, and top it up with Temple Run — and Adipurush is served.

Agreed it's no easy feat to recreate an epic tale, but with all the research and material at hand

— through Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas and Valmiki's Ramayana — if this is director Om Raut's best take on the contemporary Ramayana,

we need to go back and revisit the original in all its glory, and restore our sanity.

Adipurush is merely a Bollywood-ised version of one of the most epic tales that ever existed.

If you keep the story aside for it's largely known to all, the execution turns out to be a messy blend of over-the-top CGI and passable VFX,

and making it worse are the intentionally funny dialogues that sound misplaced in a sensitive and mythological story.

As for the narrative, Adipurush wastes no time in character-building or telling us the back stories of how things transpired in Ayodhya.